TV Has Ruined Me

I’ve officially watched too much TV. How do I know?

My neighbour parked this innocent camper in their drive. My immediate thought was that they are cooking meth.

Thanks, Breaking Bad.


Also, post-Operation Yew Tree, I cannot help but see an ageing TV legend on the screen and wonder if they are a kiddy fiddler. Just saying.

Time to spend more time on the bike then.

3 thoughts on “TV Has Ruined Me”

  1. I’m out in the bush and other than Al Jazeera there is nothing on, fuck the crystal meth all I can see judging by the rising damp everywhere in that shot is that it must be getting close to magic mushy season in Mud Island and it looks like your little grass plot is North facing as well?

    Plus a little surprised that hubby didn’t paint the conduit running along the garage roof (flat and asphalted I might add not befitting of an engineer) and above the gate the same colour as its backing. Is that power inside it for the light fittings and heater along the back entrance wall and the dogs sentry box?

    I wont talk about those awful pommy weaved, buckled and rotten ply wood fences either except to say that you only get them there. The good hardwood folk of your own ilk would certainly be raising an eyebrow at that very temporary fence.

    I also hope that isn’t bars across your window that you took the shot from and its just some Texas Home-care modern type double hung windows?

    1. You may have quite succinctly listed most of what he needs to do over the summer.

      Agree on the flat roof, it’s an annoyance of mine since we bought the place, and the conduit is being replaced as is the fence that is finally being removed once we get time and more than two days of decent weather.

      The plot is south facing by the way. I’m not a total fucking idiot.

      1. “The plot is south facing by the way. I’m not a total fucking idiot.”

        That was funny.

        So if the rear “plot” is south facing that means that your front door is north facing, which aint good Feng Shui in your hemisphere, there are some remedies available though.

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