Where’s Vegemite?

Okay, eagle eyed readers… I haven’t done a Where’s Vegemite in a little while.
Let’s see how sharp your skills are these days. Where the hell is this?


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6 Responses to Where’s Vegemite?

  1. TNA says:

    Nope, I’m going to need a clue.

    County at least?

    • vegemitewife says:

      It’s on the A34 at Siddington, a short cycle from there into Alderley Edge where you can have overpriced hot drinks in cafés full of posh folk with blazer-wearing kids called Tarquin.

  2. TNA says:

    Well done, but what’s it called? History?

    • vegemitewife says:

      You’re right, that would be useful. It’s called Home Farm and it’s old. How old? Nobody knows. At least, no one with an internet page seems to know or care enough to share this information.

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