Half Marathon, Half Mad

As Bernard Fanning once howled into a microphone: I’m still lost and running. I’m gradually using my google maps less and less to work out where the hell I’ve got to in Cheshire. Though I am seeing some nice sights. Like pheasants, polo grounds and this…
Behold: Jodrell Bank. I believe I grew up somewhere near one of these in Oz.

So, training is going quite well. I say well, but this weekend’s half marathon distance practice run left me gasping for breath and water when I collapsed through the door. I don’t know whether it’s my lack of fitness or a second injury (same type as before, albeit more minor, most unlucky) but I’m not feeling like a personal best is on the cards. I’m thinking completion will require a ton more fitness, except I’ve only got two weeks. Shit.

So I’ve drafted in help.
This is Charlie The Wonderbike. He’s white. He’s speedy. He makes you feel like you might be able to do anything, or everything and that it’s a good idea. He’s my secret cross-training plan.

Bought off the bay of e for a good deal from some punter whose girlfriend had trail tyres on it. A quick swap to a smoother, faster tyre, a change of handles and this might be the sweetest ride I’ve had. Which is lucky because Casper the Commuter gave itself up a few miles from home and had to be returned to the shop. Kudos to the above-average-looking salesperson who tried to talk me into parting with even more cash for another bike. Feeling bad, I bought some electrolytes tabs as a mental hair pat and left.

Anyway, the next two weeks I’ll be blog-lite. Between the number of hospital/medical appointments and consultations (12 in the last week no less), early morning training starts and a full time job that I’m trying not to lose, you can expect short updates, pictures and depending on my mood, a lot of swearing.

6 thoughts on “Half Marathon, Half Mad”

  1. Nice. I bet the bike had barely been used too. 

    Get yourself a little under the saddle satchel thing and put 2 spare inner tubes in for the inevitable day you hit a pothole and get snakebite punctures in both wheels. 

    You may want to change the casette at the back to add a bigger gear for the hills round your way too.

    Wiggle is the best place to buy gear from.

    1. It’s had a little use, but not much. Certainly not the thrashing I’m going to give it. The guy who handed it over had a Whyte bike. I was tempted by the Victoria – but decided to save the cash.
      Already looking at under-ass satchels – as well as a bottle cage. Tubes and gas canister have been purchased from Wiggle for that moment I get caught off guard on Cheshire’s back roads. The Husband has given me a tutorial on how to fix that kind of shit but still keeps an eye on his phone whenever I am out on it. Also, I happen to know someone who works at Wiggle (they’ve even made an appearance on this blog!) and I have already been stretching the friendship on running gear (cheap Garmin, anyone?).
      Re: cassette – will give the one I have at the moment a shot – though a third chainring could be useful – I’ve only got two.

    1. To be honest, I’m still figuring out the gears I have, no danger of attempting Mow Cop just yet. I have found at one end of the range I’m able to imitate a busy hamster quite accurately.

  2. Shit, here was me feeling sorry for myself, chocked up with jet lag, wife and kids got the wog, her car broken down and also heading off to the freezing cold bush on Thursday for a bit. But now it doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

    Anyway all I can say is that you got to be in it to win it and I didn’t realise that you lived so close to GCHQ!

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