All By Myself

The Husband has been away a lot for work lately; he’s landed himself a new gig that has left him absent from the Vegemite Ranch for the past two weeks. He’ll make an appearance for 24 hours over the weekend, but depart swiftly for another week come Monday morning. This is new for me and I wondered how I would cope given my friends are smart enough not to live close by and my family are all back in Oz. Basically I have a lot of ‘me’ time since I also work from home.

However, I’ve found the experience both isolating and empowering. On the one hand there is no one to help me, BUT on the other hand there is no one to stop me..

So, what kind of shit do I get up to while I’m at a loose end? All day drinking? Chick flick movie marathons? Crying in the bath at my oppressive loneliness?


Not likely.

Fitness is my thing. It kills time, burns calories and boosts my mood as you can see from my best ever finish line photo from February’s 20km race. It also makes me tired enough to sleep through the night alone – though I’ve developed a ‘starfish’ style that might not be appreciated by The Husband on his return.

Fitness also fuels my desire to shop. I’m not the kind of gal that wanders the high street trying on clothes though frankly the increased exercise makes almost everything look better on. Shopping bores me unless I particularly need something. So, with my spare time consumed with running and (my latest passion) cycling, I’m browsing all sorts of aluminium and carbon combinations of two wheeled loveliness online.

All this time on my own, means I can also focus on cutting my average run pace down to a respectable level again. And well I should – I’ve got a Wolf Run this Saturday and the Chester Half Marathon in just over three weeks. Additionally, I may have talked myself into trying to outrun a car in Silverstone as part of the global run challenge Wings For Life. And because I haven’t had The Husband here to tell me it was utterly foolish, I’ve agreed to also volunteer as a zombie and terrorise people in Manchester one night in July for something called 2.8 Hours Later. Here’s hoping he comes back soon – who knows what else I’ll sign up for?

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      1. Okay there is a resemblance but I wouldn’t compare the both of you, at least you have some level of independence and use it. Anyhow you would suit and benefit from a little more boho this summer.

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