Howl’s This A Good Idea?

Remember last year when The Husband and I formed a Wolf Pack and ran the hardcore Winter Wolf Run obstacle course somewhere in Leicestershire with several chilly river swims? And remember what a silly idea that was? Yes, well. Sometime around New Year, when I was highly optimistic about my fitness or insanely drunk I signed up us again – for the Spring Wolf in late April. I’m surprised that my fingers had regained feeling enough to fill out the online registration.

Anyway, fast forward to now. The Husband is starting a job that will see him travelling solidly for the first two weeks, and in fact may well predict a pattern for the long term. But for now it means he is a non-starter for the Spring Wolf Run. A more cynical person might think that he took this job to get out of doing the Spring Wolf, but I’m not that person.

Still, it left me with the dilemma of competing as a lone wolf, which is not a good thing. Not only because doing this event is just plain miserable on your own and a tiny bit dangerous (who is going to haul me out of thigh deep mud?) but I’m in no way cool enough to be a lone wolf. Thank fuck for Facebook. A quick status update and boom! I’ve got myself a new wolf.

You may remember a lady foolish enough to try and outrun zombies with me in November last year. Well, she has clearly forgotten what a silly idea that was and has agreed to form a wolf pack with me. Moan all you like about Facebook, but when you need to send out an APB, this is the best way to do it.

Now, my only problem is trying to get fit enough to do this thing in under two weeks.

Hold me.

6 thoughts on “Howl’s This A Good Idea?”

  1. Maybe the message here is that your immediate circle of companions are more of the “Bon Vivant” personality, as opposed to the “Wolf Creek” type?

    1. Yes, the speed at which I had a volunteer is quite scary.
      On a similar note, I’ve been talked into attending zombie school. I figure there will be at least a blog post in it.

  2. Do what you want as long as it benefits you and does not harm other people… As for me good idea is to travel.. lol.. I love travelling in Brisbane and finding best accommodataion in Brisbane Australia.

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