Well, Burger Me

Oooh, I do like a good feed, don’t I? If I don’t get back into running soon, every pair of jeans I own will magically become ‘skinny’ jeans. But before the diet kicks in, I’ve got just about enough room to squeeze in a burger. And a newish place has opened in Manchester to fill this need. How new it is I don’t exactly know and cannot be bothered to Google search, but it’s in the Great Northern vicinity (central Manchester if you are otherwise unfamiliar).

Almost Famous Burgers plays on a American vibe, which translates as massive portions, no use for cutlery and everything is served in those plastic wax-paper lined baskets. You cannot get more ‘Murican than that eh?


A tad misleading, there is no actual unicorn meat, magical or otherwise on the menu.


This is what I ordered: a Awesome Frickin Chicken burger. It came bulging with slaw, iceberg lettuce and some condiments. On the right, a serve of Bacon Bacon Fries (over-seasoned chips with sauce and bacon chips).


I tried to finish it, but frankly I let myself down. Not even close. I went for the high value items (the chicken breast) and left the bun pretty early on in the piece. It felt like I was in that gluttonous Adam Richman ‘Man Versus Food’ show. I got the sweats. And then I got thirsty. Really thirsty.


Thankfully they have a selection of cocktails. This one had vodka, passionfruit and bubblegum. What wasn’t ice tasted good.


Decor is a bit random and on the cheap side. Plenty of staged industrial type apparatus – scaffolding that defined areas without any real need. And a giant gorilla. Some people see two in this picture, but there is just the one.

Almost Famous – no bookings, but be prepared to queue, even at 4.30pm on a Sunday. They take your mobile number and send you a text when your table is ready.

6 thoughts on “Well, Burger Me”

  1. I do always laugh when I am in the UK and we go to an “american” style restaurant, because more often than not they are not like the norm over here (but we also don’t go to the big all you can eat kind of places and find the chain places have the bigger portions than local restaurants). But that chicken burger does look good 😉

    1. I’m glad you picked up the subtle sarcasm in that. No, I don’t think it is truly American. Much like the Walkabout pubs here in the UK or Outback Steakhouse in the US. Both places are created by some fool who thinks Crocodile Dundee is a documentary and the word ‘dunny’ is hilarious. Yawn. Nice burger though.

      1. Wait, crocodile dundee isn’t a true representation of Australia? Damn. You all throw shrimp on the barbie every night right? RIGHT?

        We do eat a lot of food in plastic baskets over here though. What’s up with that?

  2. Chicken burger, iceberg lettuce and Bacon Bacon Fries are my favorite food. You had a great dining experience,

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