On Yer Bike

Spring has definitely sprung in the UK, which is to say that it has been greater than 12 degrees for two days in a row. With the warmer temperatures comes a sense of optimism for the great British summer. Down south, Londoners will be stripping off in parks, sipping their mochaccinos outside and complaining about how hot the Bakerloo line is.

Up north, we’re loving the better weather too. Going out at night without a coat is less likely to end in pneumonia, the working classes fuck off to Benidorm and the B roads get choked up with toned middle aged men in lycra.

I confess I have gotten a little caught up in it myself. Enjoying a sunny lunch at a rather pleasant pub recently, I pondered how nice it might be to cycle there and just how many extra calories I would deserve. Plenty, I reasoned.

So I went and checked out some cycles. Initially I wanted a Pashleigh, with a basket, leather handles and a chunky padded saddle. Then I realised that outside of Downtown Abbey, I’d look like a bit of a knobber on it. Yet, I wasn’t ready for a road bike because frankly I’m never going to go that far or fast.

So I bought one of these. A hybrid. Which is (apparently) capable of a few hills, a lot of road and some light trails. Plus it has a grip-shift to change gears so I can pretend I am on a motorbike (noises optional). Most importantly, it will get me to various pubs around Cheshire. Whether it gets me home, that’s for another blog post. Stay tuned.

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