Gig Report: Nina Nesbitt

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, and indeed it’s been a while since I’ve been to a gig; to be fair it was Billy Joel and that’s kind of hard to top.

But I heard a song on the inflight entertainment aboard Qantas as we pulled up to the gate in Dubai recently which put me in a surprisingly good mood given it was a delayed 14 hour sector and I was lacking sleep or good oral aromas. I googled the lyrics I’d heard later and found it was Nina Nesbitt.

So who the fuck is Nina Nesbitt?

Further googling revealed she is a Scottish / Swedish songwriter who has had minor success with a little album called Peroxide. So I listened to the free snippets on iTunes and decided it wasn’t half bad and bought it. After playing it around the house I googled again to see if she was touring and indeed she was playing a gig this week in Manchester at The Ritz. At £12 a ticket it wasn’t a massive gamble and I knew I could sweeten the deal for The Husband with a pre-gig visit to Temple Bar: a former men’s urinal in a bar underground in the middle of the street. Sold.

Suitably merry on some tasty 8% German brew, I led The Husband around the corner to The Ritz for the gig, thinking it was about to start on the advertised 8.25pm slot. Given there was a 10pm curfew I was reasonably confident this would be accurate. Not so. Nina made us wait 20 minutes. I shifted uncomfortably reassuring The Husband it would be worth it and definitely nothing like that Kate Nash gig I took him to back in 2007. (I’m still really sorry about that).

Thank fuck she came on and belted out the tunes then, all was forgiven. More than forgiven. This ‘KT Tunstall For The New Generation’ had some great tracks in her arsenal and although the crowd was full of mobile phone film crew, we both enjoyed it. The Husband is quoted as saying “I didn’t hate that at all”. Praise indeed.

Side note: you can tell there are some young crowd members… They make signs. Never seen a 40 year old hold up a hand made sign at a gig.

Here’s a few snaps from my mobile phone. If you can’t beat em…
Oh and a bonus for Bardon. Nina invited some randoms from the audience up to join her on ‘Stay Out’. What she was hoping for was a group of teenage girls to do backing vocals. What she got was a nervous girl with her parents. Dad is wearing a Christmas jumper, mum jiggled her oversized chest about on stage wearing leather hot pants. I tried to get a better shot but was laughing too hard to keep my phone still.

8 thoughts on “Gig Report: Nina Nesbitt”

  1. The lengths that you will go too in order to convince yourself that you are happy living in Mud Island is quite impressive. So Nina the half Scottish half Swedish peroxide blonde, her father being Rab C Nesbitt and her mother the blonde sheila from Abba should no doubt help you feel grounded.

    As for the stage guests. Whilst I do admit to having a penchant for nubile Amazonians in snug fitting shorts, its a bit of a stretch to think that this would equally apply to an old mancurian slapper. Maybe if I downed 10 pints of that rocket fuel that hubby was supping on I would normalise my acceptance criteria.

    By the way was she wearing tights under them?

    1. I *am* reasonably happy here, no really. The music scene in Oz is not half as good and four times as expensive.

      Rab C Nesbitt? Damn, was hoping she was actually Jimmy’s offspring (yes, I know he’s Northern Irish.)

      Yes, tights underneath. It is still baltically cold here. That said I doubt she bothered with a coat if she was truly northern.

      I happened to be in Liverpool before 7am today and the number of youths on the street in t shirts was amazing. Felt cold looking at them. And equally nervous they would nick my car.

        1. Good point. I’ve been to Tallinn in January and it wasn’t bad. I might start saying ‘Svalbardically cold’ instead. I’ll let you know how accurate that is in a couple of months.

      1. Thats the beauty and versatility of a dressed to kill sheila in shorts, tights in winter and no tights in summer what more could you ask for?

        I honestly cant remember the last time I went to a gig, let alone paid to get in. I used to have a knack of not paying to get in when I used to go to them.

        Yes old Jimmy is a newfound mancurian legend alright, I quite admired the ballsiness of his against the grain call to play the republican dude in Bloody Sunday.

        Looking forward to a post sometime on that fascinating species of wintertime temperature defying northern English tee shirt wearers.

        1. Uh, I could ask that they not wear such hideous articles of clothing. Honestly, I have no idea what happened to fashion lately.

          No gigs? Oh dear. You’re in Brisbogan, right? I’m guessing James Blundell is probably a highlight on the music calendar up there 😉

          I’m going to see how long I can hold out in a tee shirt in Svalbard. Might have to get The Husband to test it out – his core temp is nuclear.

          1. Okay remember when your mother used to say the same thing about the current fashion trends?

            Brisbane may not be the cultural avante garde musical hot bed that Manchester is, but it does have gigs and I chose not to go to them. But that’s a pretty good guess as the last gig I went to was for a La Boite theater production of the life and times of Pete Murray which was played in the gas field in his home bush town called Chinchilla! My company paid me and my family to attend it, plus we were staying in the same hotel as him and a lady laced Catherine Tanna that just took over British Gas, it was actually a good craic in the end.

            I am really looking forward to this picture of Svalbard what with the hubby full cocked, you in a T Shirt standing next to a frozen dead preserved 100 year old polar bear in the same shot.

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