Where’s Vegemite?

Haven’t posted one of these for a while. Mostly on account that I haven’t travelled much about the UK due to the company’s travel reduction policy. Basically, if I need to drive more than 17 miles, I need written permission in advance. Further than 50 miles and it goes in front of a panel of people who meet once a week to decide whether or not I should travel. Generally speaking, I avoid unnecessary paperwork and so not travelling suits me.
Anyway, this is not super recent, but it counts. Best guesses, please.
I’ll even give you two pictures to make it easier.
Note: I was actually with a reader when I took these pictures so they are disqualified from ‘guessing’.
You know who you are.

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18 Responses to Where’s Vegemite?

  1. TNA says:

    Glover’s Needle, Worcester.

  2. Bardon says:

    Nice bridge.

    • vegemitewife says:

      Um, thanks? Can’t say I spent long in Worcester though. Just long enough to satisfy my passenger’s stalking habit.

  3. Tim Newman says:

    Shit, I used to know Worcester well but still can’t recognise it from the photos. I’ll be there in 2 weeks as it happens, on the piss.

    • vegemitewife says:

      I don’t know if I captured its true highlight, I just randomly pulled the car up took a snap. Maybe I did the equivalent of pulling up to Buckingham Palace, taking a picture and wondering if it was anything important. I’m ignorant like that.
      Stag do in Worcester?

      • Tim Newman says:

        Nope, Point-to-Point meet. Basically, it’s a method of exercising the horses outside the hunting season, usually involves a load of people standing around in a field eating hog roasts and drinking buckets of ale and/or cider whilst placing the occasional shit bet on a donkey with a bookie who looks as though all he owns is the clothes he’s wearing and the chalk board, but drives off at the end of the day in an SLK 500.

        I knew Worcester well because my best mate from Uni lived just outside there, near Droitwich. I used to spend weekends at his parents’ place, going on the piss in Worcester and the occasional point to point or hunt breakfast/dinner. I’ve not been back there in over 12 years, haven’t seen his parents in about 8 years, and so we all decided to have a bit of a reunion and relive the old days for a weekend.

    • TNA says:

      The spire is the only bloody landmark, isn’t it? That and a shite rugby team.

      Maybe too much time on the piss and not looking up!

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