Not Going to Per-Suede Me

Dear Australia. Can I be honest? I’m confused by all the suede. I’m seeing it everywhere in Sydney. Draped over the legs of those who can just about carry it off and also of those who really can’t. I know you’ve hit Autumn here and strictly speaking, fabrics should reflect this, but it’s still in the upper twenties and you have the air conditioning blasting in every building I’ve entered. So how about we wait a few weeks and hold off on the suede for now. 20140311-222947.jpg
Rather than, say, merge suede into short shorts, summer stylee.
Thanking you in advance.

3 thoughts on “Not Going to Per-Suede Me”

  1. I would really need to see how they looked when worn to make a call on their seasonal appropriateness. Given the shade of suede and if they were worn with two long tanned legs sticking out from them, coupled with the two marbles in a hankie rear view effect, that would probably sway my opinion to the early start school.

    1. Oh I saw many a leatherette short being modeled. Trouble is I fear my left hook isn’t what it used to be and the people wearing said garments are rather frightening.

      1. Personally speaking I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to my taste in what women must wear. In this instance, I would always reach out for the timeless, season proof (because they can wear tights under them in winter) ultra short cut off, tight fitting, raggedy edged denim shorts, when it comes to raunchiness.

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