I know, blogging has taken a back seat for a bit. Things got crazy in December. So, what have I been up to?
Well, I’ve been stocking the cupboard with questionable drinks.
Some of which are very questionable indeed.

Then I attended a fancy black tie military function that I lost enough weight to fit into a gorgeous Tory Burch dress for.
A rare full length picture to gloat demonstrate.

But mostly I went skiing. And so, here’s some pictures of that because frankly that’s what I took pictures of.
Grand Motte above Tignes, always stunning with some killer black runs for those of you trust find kiddies not tossing your manes about at the après bar.20131228-202427.jpg..not that I didn’t imbibe, obviously. I just don’t hang around long enough to take my goggles off.
I mean, sure, I waste time taking the best lunar landscape selfies ever, but it is mostly about the skiing.

This is how good the weather was. I almost feel sorry for the bastards who booked the week after us.
Okay, fine, you want après bar, here’s how the young folk break it down, Folie Douce style. Always funny avoiding them attempting to ski down afterwards.
Their idea of a good après bar has people spraying champagne over each other. Ours has vodka gummy bears!
See? Another shameless selfie. I’m not even going to apologise.
We also ate our weight in meat.
Which we deserved after making it out alive in whiteout conditions.
And we shopped. I particularly fancied this €2500 jacket.
But settled on this one from the same store for much less (though frankly I didn’t need it at all).
As usual, we convinced some chalet people to try and keep up with us, which, bless their ski socks, they did, mostly.
Then we came home to discover it was Christmas and the fridge was empty. We gave thanks for the baby cheeses.
So we high tailed it to Ireland where we drank cocktails with potato garnishes.
Where was The Dog?, you might ask… Languishing in kennels, costing us a small fortune. Was he pissed? You bet. But he’s fickle, thankfully, so we won him over with an appropriate festive canine amusement.

And that is what happened in December.

16 thoughts on “December”

    1. Chalet folk. Nice ones as well. For the first four days we thought they were gay. Turns out straight men know how to present themselves well these days too.
      Also, we had a FAMILY in the chalet which we didn’t expect (given we booked an ADULT ONLY chalet). Nothing against families, but when you have a gaggle of young folk with you, the language has to be PG at all times. Pretty fucking annoying.

  1. Well I wouldn’t have expected anything less from your good self (ha ha).

    Meanwhile down under I have been boganing it up, not shaving, not washing, wearing the same shorts and top all day and not bothering to change my thongs when we go out for dinner and talking about nothing else but the cricket all of the time.

      1. No. I have been taking maximum advantage of my well deserved break from work and just doing nothing. I was a bit frazzled towards the end of the year and always planned to drop out. It takes a bit of getting used to but I would recommend it.

  2. Love the dress!!! You look gorgeous. Gloating justified.

    Don’t fancy any of your drinks this time. Potato garnish? Really? Couldn’t they buy any little umbrellas or a pineapple?

    1. Why thank you.

      Re the drink, like most things on this blog, I’m kidding. It was a hefty slice of ginger in my Moscow Mule, not potato. But, being in Ireland and clocking the wedge of ginge, I couldn’t resist. I assure you the drink was heaps good (to use the Australian for it).

        1. Oh definitely, limes all the way. I like ginger as much as the next person, but I don’t need a door stopping wedge of it on my glass.

  3. Tignes looks nice, I’ve not been there. Been all over Les Trois Vallees though, particularly La Tania, Meribel, and Courchevel. With my move to Paris next weekend, I’m sure I’ll be back in the Alps before this season is out. I’m impressed you handled the black runs, I’m nowhere near that…and black runs in the Alps are genuine black runs, not reds given a black designation to attract more people.

    1. Tim, you’re a classy guy, I can tell. So let me clue you in. Val d’Isere is where it’s at, socially. Tignes is where you stay if you can’t afford Val. Basically it’s high rise hotel bunk style school trip nastiness compared to the quaint wooden chalets of Val. Think Geri Halliwell versus Kate Middleton.

      And yes, the black runs are true black runs, which might explain why no winter Olympics have ever been held at Thredbo.

    1. I don’t even care where she was going. That hemline is never appropriate on a 35 year old. She’s lucky they didn’t shoot her on the spot.
      Don’t even get me started on the hair.

        1. It’s just wrong on a number of levels. I’m now re-thinking my wardrobe for the upcoming Sydney trip. I need to get myself to Supre. (Do they still have that store?)

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