Watch Out

That’s right, bitches. Time to step this marathon training up a gear. And since I like to have all the gear and no idea, I’ve invested in the one tool that will truly make me look professional – that is until you see me running at which point all illusions are well and truly shattered.

I present to you my latest fitness obsession…
..the Garmin Forerunner 210.

It’s sort of like a fitness tamagotchi. I want to feed it decent runs – in fact I’m constantly checking my calendar during work days to schedule in a cheeky run during my lunch break. Took it out today for a few miles to keep it happy. And yes, I know I talk in miles now – I’ve been gone that long that I no longer think in kilometres.

Anyway, if you’re like me and you want to actually improve your times, I totally recommend splashing out on one of these bad boys. I’m sure I’ll never use the heart rate monitor it comes with, but it gives me all the pace, distance and time data I need to see how depressingly average I am at putting one put in front of the other in quick succession.

If you want to read a decent review of this product go over to DC Rainmaker who reviews everything in more depth than you will find anywhere else.

Stay tuned for pointless bragging about miles and chat about splits. None of which will actually be in any way impressive. Also, suggestions of weirdest Half or Full Marathons please – am contemplating the Midnight Sun Run in Iceland… can anyone top that?

7 thoughts on “Watch Out”

  1. Don’t take it swimming! Mine is currently DEAD on my bedside table. It should come with an addiction warning! I love it!

    1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about yours, but yes I knew it would only take a drizzly British afternoon at best when I bought it.
      With your renewed fitness perhaps you can pop one on your Christmas list?

  2. I have a 10 year old version of this, the forerunner of your Forerunner, if you will (snort). It’s about the size and shape of a regular box of matches. The heart rate monitor is exceptionally useful for marathon training as you want to be keeping the pace in the “sweet spot” to build up the right kind of endurance.

    Anyway, I was wondering just the other day who actually buys these things in these days of smart phones with exactly the same functionality?

    I came to the conclusion that the market must be limited only to outdoor swimmers now because iTwats aren’t waterproof.

    Wrong again, TNA. Wrong again.

    1. I agree that I can get a lot of the same information from my phone (strava etc) which I can access at the end of my run, but when it’s strapped to my arm, it’s hardly accessible mid-run. Much easier to see instant pace so I can kick things up a gear on the hop.

      Tell me.., what would be the sweet spot for the ticker of a 128lb lady on the wrong side of 35?

      1. I’ll be honest and admit that you aren’t the first woman asking for my advice on locating her sweet spot.

        Your LTHR is about 175. Train heavily at 80% of that and mix it up with 90% bursts.

        1. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. I’m been using the method whereby I run til I think my heart will burst out of my chest or I will throw up. Whichever comes first. This seems a bit more scientific.

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