Santa ‘Dash’

First things first, I am no professional runner but I like to do things properly and prepare for each race. For the Santa Dash my day-before-race preparation started with VERY good intentions. Red and I did a bit of hot yoga and aligned our shakras or whatever they call it, and flexed our way to supreme levels of suppleness. Or she did. I can barely cross my legs. I sweated for an hour and looked like a misshapen pretzel.

We intended on having a nice early dinner and calling it a night without much fuss.

And then we saw the cocktail list at Artisan Bar. All bets were most definitely off. After a few very tasty selections the decision was made to drink the entire list.
Anyway, back to the race. After about 5 hours sleep, I was up at 6am to make my way over to Liverpool where I was relieved to see that not everyone was taking it entirely seriously.
In fact, this guy wasn’t even the least appropriately dressed. I saw girls tottering in 4 inch heels on the course. Suffice to say that it wasn’t much of a race in the truest sense.
It was heavily congested and we barely got a clear shot at actual sustained running. Still, a shitload of Santas turned up. Hopefully enough to take the world title from Las Vegas. We won’t find out until this Saturday though.
At least it was a good way to kick off the festive season with The Husband. Take a good look at the santa suit I’m wearing here. I’m not saving it on account of how ill fitting and uncomfortable it was. Never fear though – I’ve got the perfect yule-inspired outfit for the Christmas 10K this weekend…

2 thoughts on “Santa ‘Dash’”

  1. Your food to alcohol cost ratio looks like it falls well within the Scouser Minimum Health Guidelines for Athletes in Trainers.

    Who ate the Pig Sandwich?

    1. My next race this weekend is in Cheshire. Champagne should be the pre-race fuel of choice, surely?

      *raises hand* I had the pig sandwich. Oink.

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