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Another week and another run that I signed myself up for. Yep – this winter I’ve really thrown myself into this fitness lark and the best way to motivate myself is to sign up for events. Lots of them. Not just your regular races though, oh hell no. I’m looking for the most fun, unusual, beautiful or ridiculous events out there.

I’m not even certain how I stumbled across this one, but being a night time race it peaked my interest. The last time I ran at pace through the streets of Manchester with a bunch of people chasing me, well… let’s just leave that little story there, shall we?

So, Run In The Dark – what the hell is this about? It’s a race run on a random Wednesday in November across the world at several official locations and many more ‘pop-up’ locations. Kind of like New Years whereby the races start at 7.30pm at each location beginning in New Zealand and some 21 hours later finish in San Francisco. People wear neon colours and flashing LED arm bands which are supplied with the race pack. It’s all in aid of the Mark Pollock Trust which the entry fee goes to, though you can also raise money for whatever you like as well. Mark is a pretty inspiring guy himself, having gone fully blind at the age of 22 he didn’t let that beat him and went on to win medals in the Commonwealth Games for rowing. Not impressive enough? He then ran six marathons in seven days across the Gobi desert. And a North Pole Arctic Marathon.

As if the guy hadn’t already had enough shit luck by going blind, in 2010 Mark had a tragic fall from a second floor window that left him paralysed. The Mark Pollock Trust raises money for the cure of spinal cord injuries. You can read more about it here.

So, I got my race pack in the mail last week and got a tad excited with the LED flashing arm band thing.


Looking hot, yes?


Even The Dog wanted in on the action. Sadly, he was not allowed to participate.

Anyway, I ran it, marvelled at the stream of lights snaking around Media City in Salford and did a personal best of 54 min 55 seconds for the 10K distance (the course was actually slightly longer). AND, got third in my age category.


And that’s why I look so smug. That and because maybe, just maybe, this running thing might actually be agreeing with me.

If you want to sign up for next year – give it a go here.

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    1. As daft as it sounds to do something as fundamental as one foot in front of the other, it does take practice. Mostly how to operate an iPod well enough to alleviate the boredom, but still.

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