Manchester House

So, last weekend The Husband treated me to a dinner out in Manchester. Given our first meal in Manchester together was a kebab near the university, you could forgive me for having low expectations. (To be fair, it was post-gig, late and we didn’t care for nutrition. Ah, the good old days.) But after 5 years of marriage, and a strong desire to see at least another 5 years with me, he stepped up the game and took me to Manchester House – a Michelin-seeking place that opened up not so long ago in the Spinningfields area. Going on a Saturday, diners have no choice but to plump for (how appropriate) the tasting menu. Which is fine by me, because I invariably get food envy immediately after I have ordered.
So, what was it like? Awesome. And because not only do pictures do a better job of describing the food, I got a bit tipsy and can’t remember what it all was, here are the snaps I took. I must point out that although I was violently ill about 3am the following morning, it tasted immaculate the first time.
The Husband kicked off with a smokey old fashioned.
I had the Stone Roses cocktail.
Some food arrived. Ox tail? Or something approximating that.
Oh, another cocktail? Sure. Quite the apparatus.
In fact, it was quite the drink.
I want to say, duck. Or venison.
This one I do remember. Prawn cocktail. With a mango bubble-shell of sorbet.
Oyster on the right. No idea on the left.
Nope, no idea. Fish?
Some kind of meat, a fig and .. no.. it’s gone.
Dessert (take one). White chocolate (bottom left) some kind of sponge, some kind of ice-cream passion fruit stuff, and no idea (top right). All delicious.
Manchester Tart. Or a bit like it, but posher.
And to finish (though frankly, neither of us were remotely hungry, just curious at this point) some macarons.
And a final cocktail to send us on our way. Which we didn’t need but drank anyway. It might have been my undoing.

Go grab yourself a table at this place if you have about £400 to throw about (for two) and an iron gut. Avoid if on a budget and are radical of intestine.

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5 Responses to Manchester House

  1. Lucinda says:

    I can pass on the unidentifiable food (pardon my ignorance but what is that bark thing with the possible oxtail?), but I want the cocktails! I love a cocktail that comes with a whole Japanese-tea-ceremony-type of procedure or with props for a dramatic staging. Or both!

    And, obviously, you know after you’ve had a few too many, vegemite on toast is good to settle a iffy tummy.

    • vegemitewife says:

      The bark thing? No idea. It might well have been bark but after that many cocktails I ate it anyway.

      Definitely on the vegemite toast. Ain’t nothing that shit can’t fix.

  2. Bardon says:

    Kind of reminds of nouvelle cuisine, a magnanimous gesture from your dear hubby being an engineer and forking out big dosh for posh nosh.

    By the way I worked in the first nouvelle cuisine restaurant in London Le Cafe Pelican in St Martins Lane it was established by Roger Verge in the eighties, I was the only non French staff member. Admittedly they had bigger plates with less tucker and far more artistic strokes of coloured sauces.

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