Oops! I Did It Again..

I don’t want to turn this into a fitness blog, but hey, that’s sort of what I’m into now, and I’ve always blogged about what I’ve been doing. Anyway, round these parts we’ve got new neighbours, which is great because the place sat empty for a long time. What’s not so great is that they have decided to gut the place and renovate the whole thing, build an extension and embark on a building schedule that has any number of workmen in my front yard standing around wondering why The Dog is barking his fucking head off. (The Dog hates ladders, that’s the answer.)


Don’t even get me started on the scaffolding that gets erected noisily at 7am and then obscures my view for I don’t know how many weeks to come.


Frankly, it’s all a bit much when you work from home and have to listen to it all day. But what it has inspired me to do is get my trainers on during the day and put a few miles in the bank (as running types tend to say) to clear my head.


Even though it can be a bit muddy round these parts.

It was one such endorphin-fuelled warm down back in the office that I foolishly signed myself up to do a Half Marathon this weekend. Yep – THIS WEEKEND. When I’m in, I’m ALL in. Stay tuned to see whether I have truly bitten off more than I can chew this time.

5 thoughts on “Oops! I Did It Again..”

    1. Feel inspired. Get moving. Then eat all the chips you want! You don’t think there is any other reason for doing this right?

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