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Remember The Dame? Sure you do! She is a long time friend of mine (from school days, indeed!) who made Edinburgh her home for a while and I had the pleasure of catching up with her a few times while she was over here. Always the life of the party, the Dame is the kind of person that makes you smile on even the shittiest of days. Her infectious laugh, quick wit and easy banter is always a joy to be around. Here she is (left) with me at her farewell. Ah, good times.
Unbeknownst to me, on the inside she wasn’t smiling quite so much. She won’t mind me saying this, but she was overweight and unhappy about it. I can’t pretend to know exactly how she felt, but just over a year ago something triggered a change in her to make a commitment to herself and her future. Sure, many people have tried this. Cutting back on a few snacks every January, losing a few pounds and then falling right back off the wagon come February.

Not The Dame.

She got serious about this shit in a way that still confounds me each day. Changing everything she ate getting up at stupid-o-clock to go boxing, the weight steadily came off. Ready for this?
1385300_10151756900194150_1428870786_nBoom! That’s what a year or so of bloody minded determination does for you. (That’s her about to knock six shades of shit out of some poor Phillipino kid by the way.) Since people seem to relate to numbers better and it’s easier to quantify than improved fitness, she’s lost 55kgs. Basically, one of me (on a good day). She’ll have added muscle tone through strength training, so please, don’t get hung up on the numbers, her achievement is far greater than that pair-o-fives I just mentioned. Still, some people refuse to believe she hasn’t had a gastric band. Shame that she is being judged on other people’s inability to comprehend attempting something like this, writing it off as a lie and that it must have been done another (easier) way. People, I can tell you genuinely, having read every status update from every gym session that this is 100% real.


In fact, here’s a gratuitous pic of her just standing around holding weights (the total of both is what she had lost at the time, incidentally) with her personal trainer. Like you do.

And she’s not stopping there. The Dame’s new life continues to inspire everyone around her. This next year she has set herself 50 challenges to push her outside of her comfort zone. Everything from shopping like a normal girl to horse riding to surfing. Basically everything that has been denied to her because of her former size.

This weekend, the Dame is doing a 60km walk. Along with being a great physical challenge, she is raising money to help end Women’s Cancer – which you might remember yours truly had a nasty case of last year. She’s got a huge fundraising target to hit too. So, please, if you have a couple of dollars, pesos, euros or pounds to spare and want to egg her on, clickity click through and give her some love. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

If you’re looking to lose a few kilos yourself, go read her blog and get some motivation – she’s serving it up regularly in healthy portions.

To The Dame: good luck this weekend, you are a legend, a bloody good mate and a true inspiration to all of us. Especially me. But more on that later…

7 thoughts on “A Dame Fine Person”

  1. What is it with weight loss and then going goal oriented crazy…?

    After mine I embarked on my writing daily goal.

    Now 211 days and 400,000 plus words….

    I’ll head to her blog and click it up some.

    1. Wayne, you are the only other person I know that has done what The Dame has done. I reckon you two would have interesting conversation over a salad. Both amazing people with amazing stories.

  2. I almost never comment (I keep those to our private conversations! ha!), though I read religiously, but this is AMAZING! Congrats to her and condolences to that man-child who I assume she pounded mightily after the photo was taken.

  3. I knew a girl at uni who in her first year was a whale. I mean, she was huge. Used to be the laughing stock, staggering around drunk, falling over, etc.

    I don’t know what happened, but about 1-2 years later and I saw her, didn’t recognise her. Without a word of a lie, she had an athlete’s figure…not a bit heavy, I mean a figure like Jessica Ennis. God knows how she did it, but I heard she’d got herself down the gym (at least, she was going to the gym when I saw her second time around).

    If there is one human achievement story which makes my jaw drop to think about it, it is hers. The turnaround time was incredible, as must have been her motivation. I think part of her secret was her age, she did it at 19 or so. Had she been 29 it would have been so much harder. Seriously impressive, that was.

  4. Thanks babe… I read this a while ago but has taken a while to comment. Thanks so, so much for your support!
    Lane – thank you I am honoured.
    and Tim definitely not 19…but I hope that I am for others what that girl is to you…especially well into my mid 30’s but feel like I am 19 😉 Bring on a long and happy life of adventures from here x

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