My Wolf Pack

I may not give much credit to The Husband, but what you should know is that he is a top guy. It warms my heart to know that after a couple of false starts I finally found that one special person who will put up with my shit for the rest of my life. Think about it. He willingly goes to anything I buy tickets for (really sorry about that Kate Nash gig) eats anything I cook (again, sorry about those Anzac biscuits that took teeth out) and will travel to anywhere I book (weekend trip to Northern Finland? Sure!).

I may have pushed my luck to its limits recently though. I signed us up for The Wolf Run this weekend. Wolf stands for Woods, Obstacles, Lakes, Fields. Marinate on that for a second. I have signed The Husband up to run through woods, tackle obstacles and swim through fucking lakes IN NOVEMBER. IN THE UK.

I’m not certain why I thought this was a good idea.
I blame it on Susie and Megan. They make it look like fun, right?

In reality, it’s going to be a bit more like this. With more ice.

So if you want to test the strength of your marriage, ask your significant other to form a wolf pack with you and undertake the stupidest obstacle race you can find in the coldest temperatures that can reliably be predicted ahead of time. If he says ‘hells yes!’ without a second thought, then that, my internet readers, is love.

8 thoughts on “My Wolf Pack”

  1. He won me over with that romanesque wall come kennel, come guard dog, sunken light structure in the back of your gaff, that’s an esoteric blokey thing and it rules supreme!

    You wont understand it.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far, he is only a Mechanical Engineer after all, us Civil Engineers should conduct a thorough structural check of its integrity before any human were to enter it. This check is not necessary for pets or non working animals and therefore hubby’s sign off is fine so far.

        1. He is smarter than me in any case. He gets more answers than I do watching University Challenge, unless I have already seen the episode in which case I look like a freaking legend until he realises I’m already watched it.

  2. The wolf run looks like fun! Although I dont think my boyfriend would agree to do this with me so I guess he does not love me that much hehe. Actually to tell you the truth I don’t think I could do it for him either :)

    1. It definitely is fun. Very challenging – you need to be able to comfortably do 10km running off road. Oh, and not be afraid of a little mud. Or a lot of mud.

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