This Is The End

Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? It’s not meant to be. However, the time has come to shut down the blog. For reals. This is not a cry for attention, I won’t be reviving this blog, so feel free to remove links. I’m doing this because it doesn’t make sense now. I’m no longer anyone’s wife and I’m actively scaling back my online presence as I have even less inclination to sit in front of my laptop in my free time.

Specifically, the last week has taught me to make the most of life away from technology. A friend and colleague died suddenly over the weekend, and it is seeing the pictures of us sitting in a meeting not more than four weeks ago in Switzerland that made me feel sad. Sad that he is sat there blissfully unaware he was spending the last of his time on earth discussing tedious IT matters.

I may in the future create another blog. Or pull a ‘star wars’ and write a prequel, cutting and pasting the fascinating excerpts from the diary I kept as a 9 year old. (I’m kidding, this will never happen, that shit is humiliating.) But for now, consider this done.

Thank you and goodnight.